Why You Should Be Using Pressable To Host Your WordPress Website
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Why You Should Be Using Pressable To Host Your WordPress Website

Pressable is a 2010 startup that specializes in WordPress hosting. Their lightning-fast and ultra-secure managed WordPress plans provide their consumers with the best possible to build a credible online presence. Their packages are highly scalable, making them appealing to a diverse customer ranging from startups to Fortune 1000 firms.

Why is Pressable the best option for you?

With Pressable, you have access to all tools necessary to create a uniquely tailored website for you or your business. You get a staging environment for testing your website or features before they go live. Their Jetpack Security Daily service includes professional themes, SEO (search engine optimization) tools, and premium security solutions.

Pressable appears to have seized every opportunity to cram as many things into its plans. These include the following:

  • Managed website migrations
  • Web application firewall
  • Server-side optimizations
  • It performs daily backups automatically.
  • Possessing access to a content distribution network (CDN)
  • Let’s Encrypt provides free SSL certificates.

They even provide specialized WooCommerce plans, making it simple to get started with their platform. With all of these capabilities, it’s easy to see why Pressable is a favorite among beginners and experts alike.

If you’re new to Pressable and looking for a simple WordPress website, their plan is your best bet:

  • A centralized website that provides for a testing environment
  • Monthly visitors of up to 30,000
  • SSD storage capacity of 20GB
  • Expert assistance available 24 hours a day

If you’re a web developer or manage an agency, you can browse their selection of multi-site options. And based on your chosen tier, plans provide the same features, but with extra websites and monthly visits per account.

Hosting features

Larger businesses can also contact Pressable to create a custom hosting plan tailored to their unique business requirements. These are incredibly adaptable, highly available, and secure. The cloud-based architecture rapidly scales up your resources to manage traffic spikes. The numerous built-in redundancies and security mechanisms ensure that your website never goes down.

Pressable support

Pressable’s support team comprises highly skilled WordPress specialists capable of resolving even the most intractable technical issues. 24/7 online help is available. In my experience, they usually react to tickets within 10 minutes, although responses may delay during peak hours. Additionally, a sizable knowledge library is available to address the most frequently asked questions.

Pricing and Customer Support

You can pick between a yearly or monthly billing cycle with Pressable. Annual contract customers pay for ten months of service, saving up to 17% on the yearly cost of hosting. You may require this discount — Pressable’s value-added features, skilled support, and unmatched reliability also come at a premium price.

Pressable offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its managed WordPress hosting services. You may be fascinated by this hosting company but unsure whether they’re worth the high price. You can test their service for free to determine if they fit you well.

What is the price of Pressable?

Pressable offers a variety of plans ranging in price from the most expensive to the least costly. The cost depends on the hosting plan you select.

Which package do I choose?

My advice is, to begin with, a less expensive package. And you can always upgrade your account later. Pressable can assist you in making the switch to a more expensive plan. Increases in visitor numbers can take longer than anticipated. You should avoid spending large sums of money until the necessity arises. Naturally, your requirements may vary, and you can consult a Pressable hosting professional.


There are advantages to working with a smaller but specialized hosting provider. You as a customer are more valuable to them. Additionally, you get the best of both words of best practices at a reasonable price. So if you are ready, click here to buy your hosting and start your next project.

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