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What Should I Include on My Website for Pet Care?

The importance of having a website for your business in this day and age is nothing to ask about. That said, it’s no longer enough to simply have a website, but you must ensure that it’s a good one and has all the necessities as well as a few extras. Have a look below to find out just what you should include in your website for pet care in order to get the best results from keeping it running.

Booking Functionality

The essence of having a website is to enable potential customers to interact with you and reach you if they need to. As such, you should ensure that there’s a way for potential clients to book you directly from the website. If you send people on a link-clicking mission so they get to a final point outside of your website for booking, most are likely to lose interest. Keep in mind that search engines drive 93% of all the traffic that websites get. This makes it important for you to ensure that people can navigate to your site and get your contact information as fast as they need to without getting distracted with other things. This way, you will put the efforts you put into getting website traffic to good use.

Professional Photographs

To give your website a truly professional edge and place it a cut above the other pet care websites, you need to get professional photographs. These may cost you additional money to get, but they will help a lot as far as driving leads and getting conversions goes. People are a lot more likely to pay attention to a website that has attractive, relevant, and quality photographs. Since pictures speak a thousand words, you should make sure that the words spoken by the pictures on your website are attractive and capable of inspiring visitors to your website to learn more about the services you offer.

Fast-Loading Pages

Another thing that could have an effect on whether people visiting your website stay and do business or navigate away without clicking on a single link is your page speed. Note that a whopping 70% of consumers state that page speed has an impact on their decision to work with a specific company. That said, don’t keep your visitors waiting for pages to load, but remember that they have many other options. They could navigate to a competitor’s website just as easily as they navigated to yours. That said, carry out tests and put measures in place to make sure that your pages all load lightning-fast. Don’t give people who land on your website the chance to think about clicking the back button and navigating to a different page that they saw while scrolling.

A Good Blog

Finally, a solid blog can provide an important backbone for your pet care website and make it worthwhile for visitors to your site. Make sure to add informative articles on a regular basis so that if there are people interested in the information you share, they can expect new information frequently. Share information that can benefit pet owners, such as the fact that one way in which they can tell if their dog is overweight is by looking at a Body Condition Score Chart. This will show you the Body Condition Score, which typically ranges from one to five. One is too thin, five is obese, and three is the ideal score.

Make sure that your pet care website has all of these things in it if you want to grow your business through it. When you do, it may be easier than you think to scale up without having to spend excessive resources on marketing.

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