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What Should Be Included on My Oil Delivery Website?

If you need help figuring out where to start with your oil delivery website, don’t worry; you can use WordPress and incorporate the tips you find here to create a great website. According to the Department of Energy, energy demand is rising; the prediction is that crude oil demand will increase to 96.5 million barrels a day. A great website for your oil delivery business will help ensure you get your piece of the pie. Here’s what you should include on your oil delivery website.

Start With a Plan

WordPress is easy to use if you have computer skills; however, it cannot plan your website. It would be best if you had a plan. What message do you want to send visitors? How do you want to define your brand? Will interactive services will be available to customers on your website? Will you take payments via your website? These are all questions that you should ask yourself. You will incorporate the answers to those questions into your plan.

It is important that you have a plan for your website because it provides you with a guideline for your website that will be easier to deploy in WordPress. Give your plan some thought before you get started.

Pay Special Attention to Your Homepage

The homepage of your WordPress website is the attention grabber. It should contain a snapshot of your company’s services and offer information that the audience will find compelling. Content is everything on your homepage. Your homepage should be visually stunning without overwhelming the viewer. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, people spend a lot of time inside, up to 90% of their time is spent indoors. A lot of that indoor time is spent roaming around the web. Consumers can easily recognize a good website from a not-so-good one. Studies indicate that consumers will navigate away from a website in the first three seconds if they do not find it compelling to stay.

Convey Your Message in a Professional Manner

Whatever you want the visitor to know about your business should be conveyed professionally. You want to establish your business as an authority in the industry. Including bulleted facts like ‘according to the Department of Energy, in the United States, gas and oil move through 1,382,569 million miles of pipeline. These pipelines move billions of tons of petroleum and trillions of cubic feet of gas.’ Sharing facts can help establish trust in your brand and your level of authority in the industry.

Ensure Contact Information Is Always Up to Date

The goal of any website is to convert leads into customers. It is essential that your business’s contact information is easy to find on your website and that it is always accurate. Contact information should be available on every page of your WordPress website with an easy-to-use click-through button to contact your business.

Strong Call to Action

A call to action urges visitors to contact you. Every business website should have compelling CTA’s in their content to draw people to make contact. You can use CTA’s in all types of content on your website. Calls to action can be simply a statement ‘call now’ or an email sign-up form. The goal is to get the consumer to reach out to you and provide their information so your sales team can do their magic.

WordPress is easy to use but can be time-consuming to design and launch your website. Frankly, most oil delivery companies choose to use professional services for their web design. It is easier, faster, and more efficient. Hiring a team with experience in the oil delivery field to design your WordPress website is the easiest way to get great results.

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