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Tips for Crafting A Landscaping Website

Designing an attractive and eye-catching landscaping website requires insight and expertise to enhance the user experience. Your website and all the listings and ads pointing back to it can be an effective marketing tool if you operate a landscaping business. Below is a list of tried and tested tips for crafting a landscaping website.

Prioritize Mobile Responsive Design

Almost 50% of people use mobile phones when doing an online search. A report from HubSpot indicates there are up to 1.8 billion websites today. You need to optimize your website with the help of a website designer to ensure it is responsive to mobile phones. A responsive design is an indication that the website will adjust to whatever device is viewing it automatically. If a client pulls up your website on a tablet or phone, the site responds to the device. It renders an excellent user experience without annoying scrolling, zooming, or clicking tiny buttons.

Use Professional Images

Capture professional images to highlight the quality of your landscaping business. Images set the feeling, tone, and overall style of your business. Having professional pictures on your website is crucial as it gives clients an understanding of the expertise and care offered by your business. For landscaping, lawn care, and garden companies, pictures have to showcase the best projects that are representative of ideal clients. Use photos to explain a project, illustrate the quality of work, or guide clients through your process. Optimize your images with the recommended tool, as large images slow a site down, increasing your bounce rate and reducing the client’s experience.

Use a Hero Image

The purpose of a hero image is to attract ideal clients by showcasing your work. A hero image is a prominent and central image that is common on many pages of landscaping websites. It enables the visitors to know what the site is about. Due to the visual nature of the landscape and lawn industry, companies have the chance to showcase their work. Clients love seeing colorful gardens, images of manicured lawns, and winding pathways. Ensure you select a professional image showcasing your work that allows for the legibility of text.

Have a Call to Action (CTA)

A call to action on the homepage encourages visitors to take the required next step. You have to craft clear and tasteful CTAs, with the help of a website designer, on each page of the website. Tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do and incorporate CTAs as part of the hero image. If you do not wish to include a CTA in a hero image, you can position it in another place to encourage visitors to complete the desired action.

Include Videos to Tell Your Story

The use of video helps you to engage with your visitors to encourage them to stay longer and have an understanding of the services offered. It is a trend that is being embraced by the lawn care and landscaping industries. A good video gives insight into why clients trust you, why clients would want to hire you, and who you are. Food crops usually compete with 30,000 species of weed, 10,000 species of insects, and 3,000 species of nematodes. Ensure the videos are professional and high-quality, with clear pictures and sound.

Add Relevant Client Testimonials

Having client testimonials on your landscaping website helps to add social proof and builds trust in your business. Include the most relevant testimonials on various pages throughout the website. For instance, if you have a commercial page, you need to feature client testimonials speaking about your success in handling commercial projects. Use fonts that stand out and include customer images if possible to add legitimacy. Landscaping is crucial for real estate developers as it adds 14% to the resale value of a property.

Let Your Clients Buy Online

Selling services and products via an e-commerce site helps generate additional revenue. Clients love the convenience and ease of online shopping. A platform to sell service packages, maintenance plans, products, and materials online is an excellent way to enhance your customer experience and tap into new revenue streams. The functionality and design of the e-commerce website can break or make conversions. Develop a smooth purchasing experience for your visitors that is secure, fast, and easy to navigate. Use detailed descriptions and high-quality images to maximize your conversions.

Ensure you take things slowly when developing a new landscaping website and consider all aspects of SEO. You may also contact a local digital agency to have a customized website designed for you.

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