Reasons Managed WordPress Hosting Is The Best Choice For Your Site
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11 Reasons Managed WordPress Hosting Is The Best Choice For Your Site – 2022 Guide

A reliable Managed WordPress Hosting is an asset to any website that intends to keep abreast with best practices. And WordPress sites are no exception!

You should switch your website to a managed WordPress host if you want it to have a seamless integration, fast loading speeds, solid protection, and ease of use.

What is managed WordPress hosting? And is WordPress hosting good for me or my company?

Managed WordPress hosting allows you to operate a WordPress website without the hustles of worrying about servers, amongst other tasks. Everything is configured and optimized to provide you with a well-oiled machine. This allows you to focus on your core tasks of running the business.

What are the Benefits of managed WordPress hosting?

Getting the right WordPress hosting for your WordPress site can seem daunting at first. But once you understand the benefits and drawbacks, it will become much more manageable. So let’s decode the “WordPress hosting vs web hosting” differentiations.

1- Support from WordPress experts

While most hosting companies provide some level of support, you can be assured that a dedicated WordPress provider’s support team is well-versed in WordPress. Not only can they understand it, but they are also specialists in it.

This means they’ll be able to distinguish between a plugin dispute, a challenging theme, categories structure, and a server-level problem. They’ll know precisely what configurations a WordPress site needs to work at its best. If you have any other WordPress-related concerns, they’ll be able to provide you with credible recommendations.

Since a managed hosting service focuses on a single CMS. The people behind it would be more knowledgeable about it and willing to assist with a wide range of WordPress issues. That isn’t to suggest that other types of hosts can’t provide excellent service. But you’ll have a better chance of dealing with a company that knows WordPress inside and out.

Furthermore, a dedicated hosting service provided priority customer service, which means you’ll find features like 24/7 chat, in-app ticketing, and community forums. Using a managed WordPress host is similar to having an outsourced IT department with a team of experts available at all times. When you’re running a company, this is a high-value perk!

2- Managed WordPress Hosting provides the best WordPress security practices

Security is an integral aspect of running a website and should be kept in mind at all times. It would help if you understood that using a managed WordPress host isn’t guaranteed to secure your site (nothing is!); you’d benefit from built-in security features. Most managed hosting providers have overnight site backups for starters that you can quickly recover if anything goes wrong. You can manage these backups right from your dashboard on Flywheel and restore them with a single click.

Aside from backups, managed hosts optimize their servers for WordPress protection, so you won’t have to worry about security plugins ever again! Strong password compliance, two-factor authentication, and restricted login attempts are among the other features available.

The ability to uninstall malware is perhaps the most critical security function a controlled host can have. If your site is hacked, a run WordPress host’s support team will help you clean it up. (It’s probably something you’d like done quickly but don’t want to learn how to do.) Just make sure you know how to remove malware so you can react quickly if it occurs. Some hosts charge an additional fee for this, while others, provide it as part of any hosting kit.

3- Managed WordPress Hosting Guarrantee better performance site

A managed WordPress host’s system development ecosystem customized to the WordPress interface is a significant advantage. This means that the website would achieve better uptime, load quicker, and have more minor hiccups.

Managed hosts will have performance upgrades like a CDN and global server locations. in some cases and markets, WordPress hosting with CDN can make all the difference.

While you can customize your WordPress site on other forms of hosting providers, it will take a lot of time and effort on your part. This is where a controlled host’s importance begins to shine because it will free you up to focus on your clients and your company rather than worrying about server maintenance.

A managed WordPress host is worth it just for the security and efficiency benefits. Your brand would be safe from the dangers of downtime and compromised sites thanks to dependable infrastructure and readily available experts.

4- One-click staging sites & local environments

A WordPress staging area is a development environment that contains a replica of your website. Making it a perfect place to test improvements before committing them to production. Even if you don’t consider yourself a developer, it’s an ideal addition to any site owner’s workflow.

Most controlled WordPress hosts provide or sell a staging site as an add-on with your plan. It typically takes only a few short clicks to set up and publish changes. Making it simple for everyone to keep their development site stable.

5- Features that go beyond server setups

Fast and secure servers are essential for any high-traffic website, and one of the most significant advantages of a managed WordPress host is the additional services it can provide. Workflow software, collaboration functions, and even educational resources are all included. A managed host is more than just a service provider; the best ones function as a business partner.

Each managed WordPress host’s specific features can differ, but choosing one that is configured to help your ideal workflow (rather than merely providing a service) can have a significant impact on the value you receive.

6- It’s easy to add SSL certificates

Managed hosting providers are instrumental in making SSL certificates simple to install and open to all website owners. Many managed WordPress hosts have agreed to provide free SSL certificates like an online best practice. While others still charge for them. So you can consider that managed WordPress hosting is equal to WordPress hosting with SSL.

7- The ability to resell hosting

WordPress powers over 30% of the internet. As a result, there is a sizable market of clients that need hosting, making WordPress among the best opportunities for you to consider while considering reselling.

Managed WordPress providers are well aware of this and allow you to resell their services. Referral programs (paying you a commission for bringing in new clients), affiliate programs (which provide additional resources to help your company grow), and even employee referral programs are all popular.

8- Easy site management

One of the most underrated aspects of hosting with a managed host, everything will be well organized in one place. You get a single portal for all your sites, so you don’t have to switch providers or deal with multiple setups. Simplifying your providers will save you time when it comes to spinning up new sites, particularly if your client list is growing or expanding your agency. A managed WordPress host can also take care of updates for you. Ensuring that your site is still running on the most recent WordPress edition.

9- Quick access to development tools

A managed WordPress host gives you essential developer resources easy to access correct from the hosting application, whether you’re building a new site or troubleshooting an existing one. Some hosts have created their custom dashboards to make the experience even more enjoyable and usable.

10- You won’t need as many plugins

When you work with a managed WordPress host, they’ll take care of these simple site optimizations for you. This means you won’t have to rely on too many plugins.

Through plugins aren’t necessarily harmful; it’s recommended that you use as few as possible. Since there is less code to load, the site will work better, and keeping on top of plugin updates will be a little easier.

11- They focus on hosting, so you can focus on your business.

Overall, the most significant advantage of managed WordPress hosting is that it can take care of everything for you, allowing you to concentrate on the things you enjoy. The goal of managed WordPress hosting providers is to make the process of hosting WordPress sites as simple as possible. So you can focus on your craft rather than being a server expert.

In addition to the site’s other features, the additional automation tools can help you run your company more efficiently and effectively communicate with your team and clients. Managed hosting plans might be more expensive than shared hosting, but I guarantee you’ll get a lot more value.


A managed WordPress hosting is a simple solution for anyone running WordPress websites, particularly for a company. They have a slew of advantages with few drawbacks (WordPress hosting pricing for example), which will undoubtedly save you time and eliminate the stress of manually setting up servers and having to do daily WordPress hosting maintenance tasks.

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