Best WordPress Chatbot Plugins For Your Website
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10 Best WordPress Chatbot Plugins For Your Website

The use of a WordPress Chatbot has gained huge popularity thanks to its convenience. They are simple, free, and easy to use. They have plenty of features and benefits that will help you greatly. In this article, we are going to discover the main benefits of WordPress chatbots and talk about our list of top plugins that you can install easily in your WordPress blog.

Benefits of WordPress Chatbot Plugins for Businesses

A chatbot can bring massive adding to your WordPress site. It can:

  1. Evolve Customer Service: A given company can utilize chatbots to answer approximately 80% of customer service questions. This is convenient and helps the company not to spend 30% because of low maintenance.
  2. Positively Affect Employee Routine: It aids in making employee routines efficient. This occurs by decreasing low-end, repetitive tasks.
  3. Easily search for a Product: In order to get details and information concerning a specific product, customers tend to use chatbots.
  4. Promote Customer Experience: Various businesses can use chatbots to give a better experience for their website visitors.

Best WordPress Chatbot Plugins For Your Website

1- Tidio WordPress Chatbot

Tidio has got several positive reviews. It is simple and requires no heavy technical knowledge. Moreover, it includes many surprising features.


  • Integrating the WordPress chatbot is fast and easy
  • It contains a free and uncomplicated chatbot for lead generation and customer support
  • It can notify you about visitors and requested conversations as it has a mobile app for Android and iOS


  • If you are going to star-up a business, you can find some free plans available there.
  • Small and medium businesses can start using Tidio after paying $39/mo.
  • Team- $79/mo. It is a great option for growing businesses.
  • Scale—$399/mo. This one is appropriate for larger businesses

2- WP-Chatbot for Messenger by Mobile Monkey

WP-Chatbot for Messenger is one of the greatest WordPress chatbots. 10,000+ is the number of active installations. With a simple and quick setup, you will find out that the plugin provides you with one inbox. The latter will help to receive messages sent by your customers on your Facebook page and the website chatbot widget.

Furthermore, this WordPress chatbot enables you to share marketing messages and answer FAQS. What’s more, you can automatically reach various customers.


  • One inbox to see all the conversations coming from the website chatbot and Messenger
  • Shapes, colors, and page location can be customized by the WordPress chatbot plugin
  • Creating customer chatbots is possible using builders and templates


  • All live chat and chatbots, lead computer forms, templates for WordPress, and Facebook Messenger for one operator are free of charge
  • You can receive Email notifications concerning new conversations, visitor re-engagement campaigns, and SMS marketing for two operators by paying $21.75/mo.
  • Unicorn—$51/mo. After paying, you can get visitor notifications through email, and mobile app. Moreover, this will also cover audience synchronization with Facebook ads.
  • Team—$299/mo. This one is made for customer support as well as marketing teams managing chatbots on up to 10 websites.

3- Chatbot with IBM Watson

Chatbot with IBM Watson uses IBM’s Watson Assistant technology. That is, it utilizes virtual technology to create virtual assistants with artificial intelligence. This list is made because of the rich messages with clickable responses and multimedia, rich customization, and language recognition capabilities.

Before you start using this AI website conversation plugin, make sure to check out the free course that IBM provides. This will help you to get some initial training before using technology.


  • IBM provides you with an advanced AI website chat technology
  • Beginners can easily use it as it has a quick and easy plugin setup
  • WordPress chat plugin can be integrated with any web page. Be it homepage, landing page, or others.


Chatbot with IBM Watson is an open-source website chatbot. It provides a free plan for the Watson Assistant. However, premium features such as multiple language support can cost $120/mo.

4- Join.Chat WordPress Chatbot

Giving the option of activating a chatbot, called Svachat, Join.Chat is a WhatsApp WordPress chatting plugin. This option can answer FAQs that are related to your business or product.

Using it, you can reply to the pre-written questions with numbers to indicate your selected answer.


  • Have a real support agent on WhatsApp
  • Guide customers to support resources through the links in chatbot messages
  • There is a button for WhatsApp contact for a WordPress site
  • Customers can select answers through the chatbot answers with bullet points


  • Installation of one website can cost you $24
  • $48 for three websites
  • $149 for an unlimited number of websites.

5- Chatbot for WordPress by QuantumCloud

This Chatbot is an easy and functional chatbot that can be used for online businesses. It can add AI chat capabilities by integrating with Google’s Dialogflow. And it also has templates for lead generation and customer support.

The chatbot for WordPress has two versions. The first is the basic one. It provides support for personal websites and small businesses. While the second, on the other hand, is the premium version. It has some advanced features like a chatbot builder, Messenger integration, and exit-intent messages.


  • Creating custom WordPress chatbots by dragging and dropping the chatbot builder
  • It can be integrated with Facebook Messanger, and Google Dialogflow AI bot software
  • FAQ, call requests, and feedback messages are automated.


It depends on the type of plan you choose.

  • Personal plan- $25/year. It is the best option for personal websites and bloggers.
  • Master plan- $88/year. Great for online business. It can install on up to 100 sites.
  • Ultimate plan- $239/year. It directly supports conversational forms with media, live chat, and Facebook Messenger.

6- WordPress chat is extremely appropriate for service businesses. It contains a template that will make it possible for the website visitors to set up appointments by the provided calendar. And once customers select a given date, it will automatically appear in your Google Calander.

Additionally, it has email notifications of conversations which help you to take on important conversations.


  • A number of customization options.
  • More than 50 chat templates that you can use for different purposes.
  • Reports of engagement and visitors’ answers.


  • Free plan – it is appropriate for low-traffic websites. It contains some basic features and 50 responses per month.
  • Lite plan- $24/mo. Includes up to 500 responses per month.
  • Standard plan- $49/mo. With 2500 responses per month, email notifications, and campaign tracking.
  • Plus plan- $99/mo. More than 5000 responses per month.

7- Cliengo Chatbot

The most interesting thing about Cliengo Chatbot is having more than 130 integration. It can be connected with various useful tools that will help with online businesses. This includes Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, popular CRM, and others. Supporting customers is easy due to the inbox for messages from social media, instant messaging apps, and website visitors.


  • It integrates with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, live chat, and CRM
  • Chatbot templates for customer support and lead generation
  • It replies to options with answers.


  • Free- It can be used for website chatbots, social media, and chat integrations.
  • Started- $24/mo. This contains two website chatbots and three users. CRM, email marketing reporting, and Google Ads conversion.
  • Premium- $90/mo. It is appropriate for mid-sized businesses. With six users and more integrations, more than 200 leads monthly.
  • Corporate- $300/mo. Made for large businesses. You will find unlimited users, chatbots, and 1000+ leads per month.

8- My Chatbot Plugin

This is a simple WordPress that can understand messages from users as it integrates with Google Dialogflow, which provides Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The free version gives great options as well. You can view conversation history, send links, and answer FAQs.


  • Welcome new visitors through some welcoming messages
  • Better recognition of messages thanks to Google Dialogflow integration.
  • WordPress chatbot plugin customization that contains colors, text fonts, and backgrounds.


  • Free- It provides rich messages, and conversation history, in addition to WordPress chat box customization.
  • Pro- $23.99/mo. It makes communication easier with the presence of chatbots with NLP and menus.

9- Chatra Live Chat+ ChatBot+Cart Saver

Chatra plugin is made to help with sales. It is one of Charta’s multi-channel marketing tools. It Can give both. Templates to automate lead generation and support tasks.

It is extremely helpful as several customers, nowadays, follow brands on social media.


  • Use customer information and conversation history storage for marketing
  • Preventing visitors from leaving by an exiting-internet chatbot.
  •  Generates leads, provide basic support, and assist with completing the check-out process by a customizable chatbot.


  • Essential- $15/mo. It includes welcoming messages with promotions, assisting with check out, leading capture, and others
  • Pro-$23/mo. You can find data export, integration with Zapier, and chat reports

Live Chat ( +Chatbots) by Hybrid.Chat

Industry-specific chatbots are what make Hybridchat very popular among universities, marketing agencies, and healthcare institutions.

Templates are used to make appointments, answer FAQs, capture contact data of leads, and many more.


  • Different users can use it as it contains specific chatbot templates
  • Integration with important apps such as CRM
  • Conversational AI


  • Free- It provides two concurrent bot sessions, chatbot answers with media and buttons +100 conversations per month, and makes it possible to access chatbot templates
  • Basic- $29/mo. It gives more chatbot templates, Zapier integration +1.000 monthly conversations, and five concurrent bot sessions.
  • Pro- $ 79/mo. Agent collaboration +10.000 monthly conversations, 10 concurrent bot sessions.


WordPress chatbots are extremely handy and simple to use. You can, in a few minutes, get the chatbot you want and successfully make work for your business. So for more WordPress, free step-by-step tutorials visit our dedicated WordPress Plugins section (You can find more tutorials like The Best Image Optimization Plugins for WordPress). And check our WordPress hosting providers guide if you are still looking for a host to start your blog.

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