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5 Tips for Designing a WordPress Website for Your Home Remodeling Company

While you could hire any web designer for your WordPress website, getting someone knowledgeable about the remodeling business is a plus. There are specific nuances that people looking for renovations would prefer when they’re researching online. Fortunately, here are several tips to help make the best web design for your remodeling company.

1. Follow the Best Practices

Your website will need to stand out and be different from others, even in the same industry, but there are certain practices when it comes to WordPress that you can’t miss. First, you must think about the general layout and your remodeling brand. The appearance of your website and the tabs and content you offer will make or break your business.

Things must be placed according to your brand and in a way that clients will be able to find quickly. You want them to be directed to renovation options, pricing, or even how to reach you properly. Remember, people in the United States invested an average of $7,560 in improving their homes in 2018.

Therefore, the user experience has to be impeccable. You don’t want clients to be so confused that they just click away. It could be tricky to find a designer who can achieve all this. However, if you work with them, share your ideas, and are open to new ones, you’ll have the best website you can buy.

2. Invest in SEO

Part of designing your website is also thinking about the kind of content you’ll have. You can place all your options online, but investing in SEO is the only way people will find them. You must regularly add quality content to your site, use keywords that will drive traffic, and reach the top of any search engine list for several topics.

Furthermore, you’ll need content that interests people. Therefore, you must consider what your customers want or how they spend their lives. According to Consumer Affairs, around 76% of the people interviewed explained that they started cooking more at home after a renovation. Your posts and SEO content could focus on cooking, healthy diets, the benefits of homemade things, etc.

3. Don’t Use Busy Fonts or Too Bright Colors

An essential aspect of any website is to grab people’s attention and make them stay longer. If you have weird, contrasting colors, or awful fonts that people can’t even read, they’ll click off quicker than you can imagine. Even with the best deals and services, some companies don’t get much traffic. That’s because their WordPress website design needs to be simpler for users.

Many of your clients might be frustrated already trying to find the right remodeling company for the room they’ve always hated. According to Statista, 33% of homeowners decided to change their main bathroom in 2021 because they always loathed the one they had. You want them to stay on the website long enough to see how you can help them get the bathroom of their dreams.

4. Always Have a Search Bar

A good WordPress website needs a search bar because people don’t have time to waste online, especially when trying to hire a remodeling service. They just want to click, find out if you can offer a particular deal or service, and click off. Therefore, you must ensure your web designer adds a search bar and your SEO and content will guide the client.

5. Loading Has to Be Quick

You might be tempted to make your WordPress website designer add some of the most HD photos you have of your past work. However, you’ll lose your customers if those images take a long time to load, even with the best internet connection. The entire design has to focus on speediness because people don’t have much patience or time to wait.

With these tips, you should begin building the WordPress website your remodeling company needs. You just have to make things concise, quick, and easy to read. Hire that designer, and you’ll start getting clients in no time!

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