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2022’s WordPress Web Design Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss

Clearly, web design is the key to a successful online business. Having an outdated home page or site map can cause visitors to have trouble navigating your site, or cause them to just leave entirely. Small details matter and a beautiful site aesthetic is deeply integrated into making a sale. Before you design a website strictly to your individual liking, you must consider the popular trends in the design industry.

WordPress is the most popular site builder in the world, and it’s obvious that it only seems to be getting bigger. With every new year comes an influx of new themes, new effects, new tools, and of course, new trends. 2022 is no exception to this rule, bringing massive updates to the WordPress interface. In this blog post, we will look at three of 2022’s web design trends that you can’t afford to overlook on your WordPress site.

Minimalistic Page Design

With around 1.8 billion websites operating worldwide at any given time, it is crucial that your website stands out from the crowd. By utilizing white space and keeping your text to a minimum, you can create a stunning home page. Instead of trying to fit as much information into your pages as you can, opt for simple illustrative elements with hover-over captions. Don’t be afraid of empty space, because it can add an element of natural aesthetic to your site.

Site-Building Plugins

When it comes to WordPress specifically, a basic knowledge of coding is essential. However, outside programmers are developing tools to change this. Downloading a plugin has become a popular workaround for inexperienced creators to make the site of their dreams entirely code-free. You can utilize drag-and-drop builders to add elements at the click of a button, while changing your pages quickly and easily. With this tool, making a new, beautiful website is possible for anybody at any skill level.

Mobile-Friendly Themes

In 2022, it is obvious that cell phones and social media occupy every corner of society. You as a website host have an important responsibility to adapt to this. Creating a site that translates seamlessly to mobile use is no easy task, but WordPress has introduced several new mobile-friendly themes for you to work off of. Picking a design that makes mobile use simple and user-friendly is vital to growing your site, so invest in a mobile-friendly website theme this year.

All in all, each year brings a heavier emphasis on website design as a whole. More commerce is conducted online than ever before, and keeping up with the world of website design is the first step to seeing your business thrive in an ever-changing digital environment.

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